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Product Promotion

Make sure your message isn't lost in translation.  Effective translation of technical promotional material takes a special set of skills.  Our team of professional graphic designers, copy writers, translators and sales people will take your content and adapt it for the Chinese market.  Promotional material will be printed into catalogs, one sheets and journals, posted on social media platforms, email blasts and Chinese e-marketing services.  In addition to print and online promotion, Resonant backs the countries only law enforcement focused e-commerce platform.  Our platform is visited by several thousands of daily users, social media subscribers and customers who are all verified to be from the law-enforcement and security community.  Partner with Resonant for unparalleled product and brand promotion. 


China is a challenging place to do business.  With thousands of years of history, a relationship based business culture,  a multitude of local dialects and nearly twenty percent of the world population, managing sales channels from abroad is next to impossible.  Resonant will put over 110 of their own employees to work for you selling and supporting your products.  We manage over thirty other sub distributors in the region allowing us to communicate and leverage local relationships nationwide.  Your organization will be assigned a single point of contact who will feedback market information and guide you to success. 

Service and Support

Sending expensive equipment overseas isn't cheap or easy.  Bringing it back for repairs can be the difference between making a profit or taking a loss.  Resonant takes the worry out of service and support.  We have a highly technical support staff who quickly diagnoses issues.  Field service engineers are deployed on a moments notice and problems fixed in no time.  Our engineers are trained domestically or abroad by the manufacturers own staff and capable of performing as much or as little service as needed.  If an issue is outside of our capability, our professional logistics team will quickly facilitate a return for repair or organize a trip for your engineers to visit the customer for onsite repair.  Resonant ensures your equipment is always in working order. 


You can't have return customers without a positive customer experience.  Resonant ensures the best possible customer experience by providing training at multiple levels.  Our sales process begins with introductory seminars where high prospect customers are invited to interact with the products they're interested in.  Once purchased, we provide additional operation and application training to ensure customers are comfortable with using their purchase.  We work side by side with customers to understand their challenges and put together valuable invite only special interest seminars and conferences where we have the chance to further introduce key concepts and showcase our partners products.  Knowledgable customers are happy customers- Resonant ensures our customers know what they're doing. 

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